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Set-Pro With Load N Go

Set-Pro With Load N Go

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Welcome to the Set-Pro with Load-n-Go for Bead and Sculptural Glass Annealing. The Set-Pro with Load-n-Go is standard equipment on the Fishbone annealing oven.

The Set-Pro with Load-n-Go with Load-n-Go technology is designed to offer the bead and sculptural glass maker a more relaxed and creative-driven experience than any other glass annealing control.

The Load-n-Go format begins the annealing process by offering the glass maker up to an 8 hour "load" period. It's during this "load" period that the glass artist creates and loads their glass into the Fishbone while it waits patiently at proper temperature. This allows the glass artist to focus on glass creation and not on what the annealing oven is doing (or not doing). It's this relaxed and stress-free creation and loading opportunity that is the hallmark of the Load-n-Go process. Once the 8 hour load period automatically ends then, and only then, does the Fishbone run the actual annealing process. This results in all loaded glass receiving the full annealing process regardless if it's the first or last in. Perfectly annealed glass, from start to finish. It should be noted that the artist may also bypass any remaining "load" time and GO directly to the annealing process as well.

Load-n-Go also offers a preset programming format that asks two simple questions: what is the COE of the glass you are using and relative glass/bead size. From these two pieces of information the Set-Pro control automatically chooses the proper annealing temperature and related soak/hold times. With Load-n-Go there is no need for the glass maker to key in temperatures and hold times, it's all precise and automatic. Glass COE presets include 33 (borosilicate), 82, 90, 96 and 104 (Moretti/Effetre).

Load-n-Go Programming

Load-n-Go programming simply asks for your glass COE (33, 82, 90, 96 or 104) and relative bead/glass size (1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" and larger). This 2-step process is easy and offers very tight and precise temperature control.

The Set-Pro with Load-n-Go begins the annealing process by offering you, the artist, up to an 8 hour loading period while sitting at proper temperature. This special 8 hour period is designed to allow you to create your glass at your pace knowing that the oven is waiting patiently for you to complete your glass making. It's this special "load" point that really allows you to focus on your glass and not the annealing oven. It's a great feature that offers a relaxed setting for the ultimate in bead creation!

Once you have created all your beads or glass, and placed them within the annealer then, and only then, does the Load-n-Go feature begin to run the actual annealing program. You have full confidence that all glass, from first in to last in, is receiving proper annealing.

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