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Set-Pro With Metal Clay Presets

Set-Pro With Metal Clay Presets

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The Set-Pro with Express Mode is loaded with pre-set Metal Clay firing programs for quick and easy programming. Simply choose your Metal Clay brand (Art Clay or PMC) and the particular clay style and you're ready to go. Programming has never been so simple and so accurate.

Metal Clay programs include 5 for use with the Art Clay brand and 5 for use with the PMC brand. Art Clay brand programs include Silver Standard, Silver Standard Slow Dry, 650/1200 Low Fire, 650/1200 Low Fire Slow Dry and Copper. PMC brand programs include PMC Standard, PMC+, PMC3 (slow), PMC3 (fast) and PMC Gold. The Set-Pro also contains 4 blank programs, each with 8 segments, that allow you to decide the firing details.

As with all of our controls, the Set-Pro is manufactured exclusively for Evenheat by Bartlett Instrument Company in Iowa. Bartlett enjoys a well deserved reputation as the finest control supplier on the market. They perform very well indeed.

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