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Rampmaster Ii

Rampmaster Ii

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The Rampmaster II is our full featured automatic temperature control for ceramic firing and features our Cone Fire Mode for easy and effortless ceramic programming. Simply choose your cone number and firing speed and the Rampmaster II automatically creates your ceramic firing program.

The Rampmaster II also allows the artist to develop up to 6 individual firing programs using Ramp Mode programming for full artistic control of all firing parameters. Each firing program offers up to 8 segments per program. The Rampmaster II also contains a group of special features designed to enhance your firing experience.

The Rampmaster II is supplied on all Rampmaster equipped ceramic kilns.

Cone Fire Mode

Cone Fire Mode is a programming method that allows the artist to simply choose the desired cone number and firing speed to automatically develop the firing program. It's quick, it's easy and accurate.

Ramp Mode Programming

Develop your own firing programs using the Ramp Mode Programming Feature. You determine How Fast, to What Temp and for How Long. Program the perfect clay profile or that one-of-a-kind specialty glaze firing using the Ramp Mode Programming feature.

Rampmaster II Features Include

On-the-Fly options allowing you to skip ahead in the firing, temperature pause, settable alarm and useful programming features like delay starting and back-up keys.

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