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Kiln and Oven Safety

Make sure all connections in the receptacle and plug are tight.

Make sure correct wire size was used when installing the kiln. Preferring copper wire to aluminum wire.

Avoid installing kilns in a damp area. This could cause corrosion on the plug.

Install manufacturers required receptacle. For example: 30 amp, 50 amp.

Do not use extension cords.

Use only the cord set and plug that was installed by the manufacturer. Any changes will void the warranty.

Check plug regularly for corrosion or dark spots. If corrosion or discoloration occurs, replace the plug and receptacle.

Touch the plug and receptacle regularly to make sure it is not hot. If it does feel hot, check for loose connections and corrosion. Do not continue firing until the problem is fixed. Replacing the cord set or the receptacle may be necessary.

Continual plugging and unplugging of the cord set may eventually take tension out of the receptacle prongs. Make sure when pushing the plug into the receptacle that the prongs feel tight.