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TAP Software Update

TAP Software Update Installation Instructions - Revision 5.5 - USB

Superwide Slider/Scrollbar Update!

Announcing an awesome update for the TAP touchscreen control: Superwide Slider/Scrollbar.

The original slider bar was a little thin and finicky. Not anymore. This update widens it out for reliable and easy use. You're going to love it. Download it today!

File Preparation

  1. Download the file titled to your computer
  2. Insert USB Flash Drive into computer
  3. Copy to USB Flash Drive (Figure 1 - Flash Drive Files)
  4. Right click on and select "Extract Here" (Figure 2 - Extract Here)
  5. Safely Remove the USB device from the Computer by selecting "Eject"


  1. With the controller powered OFF insert the USB Flash Drive
  2. Power on the controller
  3. Navigate to Menu > Software Update
  4. Verify Available Versions lists the following: (Figure 3 - Available Versions) 20181229_TAP_controller_R5_5
    NOTE: If the above software versions are not listed, press the back arrow then re-enter the Software Update page by selecting "Software Update"
  5. Select 20181229_TAP_controller_R5_5 and press "Update Software"
  6. At the confirmation dialog, select "Yes"
  7. The controller will now reboot
  8. Once the TAP controller reboots and settles on the Home Screen, perform a screen calibration procedure. To do so, hold your finger on the TAP screen for 10 to 15 seconds and follow the instructions shown on the TAP screen. Once the screen is calibrated the TAP will reboot once again and you're ready to go.

Installation Verification

  1. After the controller reboots, enter the Date and Time and select DONE
  2. Navigate to Menu > Software Update
  3. Verify "Current Software Version" indicates 5.5
  4. Verify the list of Available Versions lists the following: 20181229_TAP_controller_R5_5
  5. Power off the controller and remove the USB Flash Drive